Awesome thing about school – Playing video games for homework!

Hello guys, today I will tell you how I started to play one really popular and awesome game called MovieStarPlanet. Few days ago I was at school, it was boring like always. Teacher sad that we will make a school project. I was like, oh no, again some stupid project. Then teacher started to explain about what is this project and I didn’t even imagine that actually it will be something awesome. She said that  recently she found one game for young players and that this game is actually good for kids. I didn’t believe what my ears hear, a teacher speaking about game!

So she said, this is some new game called MovieStarPlanet, it was social game and made for young ones. In the game you have your character and you are a movie star. Like I said, game is social and you will meet some cool new friends. There is so many things that you can do in this game, it was like real life. The most important thing for us was that, in the game you can make your own movie, show how creative you are and become famous. Teacher said that this will be competition, so assignment was to make a movie, and then teacher will choose the best one.

msp online

This was so great, first time that I like something about school, first time for me to enjoy with participating in some school project. When I came back home, first i said it to my mom how awesome school project we have and that I want to be best in this project, she was so proud of me. After I finished my dinner I started to download MSP. I was create my character and adjust his look to be nice. The game was pretty awesome, there was so many cool stuff to do, and so many cool stuff to buy. Stuff like clothes, shoes, you could go to do zoo or beach, chat with other players and met new friends. After a while I forgot on school project because I was so amused with other things in the game. I met some really nice girl and I was chatting with her all night.

Also for safery reasons dont give out your passwords on moviestarplanet game. Here is small video made by msp game moderators,to alert you about danger of giving your password to other players.


She was from my town so I was hoping that we will met in the real life. She was playing this game much longer than me an she was higher level. She had all the cool stuff that I wanted but I couldn’t have them because I didn’t have enough diamonds and starcoins. There was an option to buy diamonds, starcoins and VIP with real money but I didn’t had any money I asked her to give me some advices, some good tips how to make my progress faster. She said that she will give me something much, much better! I was wondering what that can be and then she gave me some link of some web site. When I enter that site I could not believe what im seeing. There was a Moviestarplanet hack tool that can provide you a lot of diamonds, starcoins and even VIP. I was so happy to see this. MSP cheat was uploaded so you don’t have to download anything, it was completely free and protected.

How to win in clash royale game? Few tips from pro players!

Few days ago was my first day at school i was so excited to meet new friends and my new teachers. It’s September and autumn is coming, that’s the my favorite part of year. I love summer too but there is something special about autumn that I like more, maybe is because school start then and I really love school. Mom woke me up early so I can have my breakfast and to double check did I have everything I need. She drove me with her car to school. Finally I was there and everything was so beautiful, new faces everywhere. I found my classroom and I immediately spotted one girl. She was beautiful as a angel, and I felt in love that moment.


Later we met each other, there was that guy with interesting name, Demian, he was the most interesting to me, we became friends after few hours and we already had a plan to go and play football after school. He was taller then me, with his long hair and strong arms he looks more like someone who is much older then the rest of us. After school we did like we planned, we already was on our way to one football playground. When we arrived we realized that we don’t have a ball, I can’t believe that we forgot that. That was really bad because we didn’t have time to go back and take ball so we decided to do something else. We was there, sitting and trying to figure out what can we do, something fun, but what? Then Demian took his phone and said, we can play games outside, that can be fun also. That’s great, but what game should we play, my old games was so boring to me, I wanted something new. We started searching on the internet for some game to play and after a while we found one game called Clash Royale.


This game was promising, it was simple with really simple rules but still we had so much fun while we was playing. The game was really simple, all you need to do is to protect your 3 crown towers from the invaders and destroy your enemy in the real time arena. You one had or king tower, that is your main tower and if you loose this tower you’ll instantly lose, also if you destroy your opponent king tower you” instantly going to win. You have cards that you can yours for attacks and for defense also, every card contain different type of troops, you have to combine this troops and make your strategy and destroy your enemy. After every battle you receive rewards, the reward is chest, actually reward is in it. Few first chests you will open easily, about 15 minutes is the time you are have to wait for them to open, but after that few chest you will receive some other types of chest and for those one you are going to need a much more time to open. You have to wait for hours to open them and take your reward.


You need this reward because that’s the resources you need for faster progress in the game. Waiting was not an options and also we didn’t want to pay this with our real money so we decided to check online for some solution. Then Demian finally found something on the Google, it was Clash Royale hack. He said that this cool tool will help us and will provide us enough resources for faster progress in the game. I tried and it’s worked, I had enough gems and gold to make much faster progress. These Clash Royale cheats are free, so you don’t have to spend your real money on it, it’s uploaded on site so you also don’t have to download anything and what is most important, it’s absolutely protected so no one in the game will know that you are cheating and you won be banned.

Ourworld: unlimited playing opportunities


Ourworld is a game which is an online social game and is much in demand these days .This game has attracted millions of gamers from all around the world for its unique quality of a never ending game with amazing properties. This game is popular among kids, grownups and old people too. When you play ourworld game you can tap into its immense potential.

Why is ourworld so good?

Ourworld is so good because of the following reasons

  • You can play unlimited number of games and even make your own game and invite other players to try them.
  • The games on ourworld are free of cost and will remain free of cost throughout.

There is no price that ourworld game players are asked for instead you could spend hours and hours together on these games without having to worry about any price to pay. The whole theme of ourworld games is based on the ability to play games continuously for hours together. There is an important aspect that all the gamers must understand. The game is based on two things first is the flow. Flow is the initial step and requires the player to do something. You could dance, run and do anything to gain flow. Only thing you cannot do is be idle. Once there is enough flow you get coins. The flow along with the coins can be used to buy things in the game.

ourworld items

You could buy furniture or a new condo for your avatar or just a decorative piece for your house. To be able to gain more coins you will have to generate more flow. But, for this you will have to play for hours together. This means that you have to not only spend all your free time in playing this game but Also your whole day or week playing this game and doing nothing. This is just impossible and is definite to leave you jobless. So, what are the other means of getting more and more coins? Well, you could buy these digital coins with your real world hard earned money. Does that sound like a good option? Nah! Why will one waste their hard earned money on a trivial activity as an online game? It is a not so good an option as games are for fun and spending real world money on the online game is no fun. Well, you do not have to worry. There are ourworld gem codes available to help you generate coins. Ourworld gem codes generator is ourworld hack tool which will allow you to generate as many gems as you wish without paying a single dime whatsoever. These unlimited gems can be generated any number of times and each time you generate gems you get points deposited in your account. These points can be used to purchase various items for decorating your house or making your condo look cooler than ever before.

Ourworld gem cheats are available online. Though you cannot download these but you could generate the codes for as many times as you want and continue playing for hours together without worrying about any stoppage and any interruptions between the games. These hacks make the game playing a fun act and not anything that will put you through stress of either expenditure on coins or stopping of game due to shortage of points.

New Level of Gaming – Intro

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